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Mini UV Lamp for Gel Base Polishes

Mini UV Lamp for Gel Base Polishes

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Mini UV Lamp for Gel Base Polishes

Experience salon quality gel nails at home with this easy to use compact UV lamp. Perfect for our semi-cured gel nail wrap strips or gel nail polish. It's a multi-finger mini compact uv curing lamp for gel base nails. It's lightweight and compact and comes with a USB charging cable. (Does not include USB plug-in adapter only cable.)

How To Use:

Simply plug in the USB Cable into a USB plug-in, unfold the legs to an outer position to have it free standing, and press the button on the back to turn it on. Cure nails for 60 seconds. Once 60 seconds are up, the light will turn off automatically.  Our lightweight UV lamp works to heat at a low rate while protecting your skin and eyes without compromising your new fresh looking manicure.


  • Cures in 60 Seconds
  • Compact
  • Easy-To-Use
  • USB Charger Cable Included
  • Cruelty-Free

Each box includes: 1 LED UV Nail Lamp, 1 USB Cable

DC Power: 6W MAX

Dimensions: 132mm x70cm x 20 cm

Color: White

Shipping Weight: 4.27 oz

Made in PRC
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