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I Dream of Beauty

Solid Shiny Long Nail Press-On Nail Kits (Adult Sizing)

Solid Shiny Long Nail Press-On Nail Kits (Adult Sizing)

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I Dream of Beauty

Solid Shiny Long Nail Press-On Nail Kits

(Not Your Typical Press-On Nail Set)

Adult Sizing

A beautiful variety of shiny long nails that can be trimmed shorter if you love the color but want them a shorter length. These make great last minute manicures for special events or daily use nails.

Available in 7 Long Solid Shiny Colors:

  1. Blue
  2. Vibrant Yellow
  3. Vibrant Purple
  4. Bright Blue
  5. Vibrant Fire Orange
  6. Light Orange
  7. Mellow Yellow


Our women's nail kits come with so much more than your average press-on nail sets. We have given great thought on how to truly give a mani in minutes on-the-go with everything you could need to get started.

  • 24 Nails
  • 2 nail prep pads, so you can prep before and clean after
  • 2 sticker glue sheets, so you can use multiple times or reinforce a nail
  • A rubber cuticle pusher stick (not wood)
  • 1 Mini Nail File
  • A mini bottle of nail glue for those who like to use glue for extra wear time
  • AND a mini nail glue remover to remove the press-ons when you are done or remove excess glue off natural nail.
  • 1 pair of mini scissors to open your glue and removal bottles, because lets face it, if you need a true mani on-the-go in minutes, but can't open your bottles of glue or remover, than how are you able to do your nails.
    To apply, use one of two options:
    • Apply a sticker dot glue to the nail and apply the correct size press-on nail over the glue dot sticker and press firmly to attach, massage back and forth to fully adhere to the glue sticker. If nails are longer, we highly suggest using more than one glue dot sticker to fully cover the nail. This will help to fully adhere the press-on nail. Once nails are applied, we suggest waiting to get your hands wet for a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes. If glue gets wet too soon, nails will not last. Once nails are on and you have waited to get them wet - you are good to go. 
    • If you prefer longer lasting press-on nails - We recommend testing product out to be sure of no allergic reaction to nail glue first. Once you have tested it out and it’s ok to use,  we recommend using the nail glue provided in your kit and fully apply the glue to your natural nail or to the inside of the press-on nail towards the mid to bottom of the inside of the press-on, after a couple of seconds, apply the press-on close to the cuticle then firmly press and hold the nail for a couple seconds to give it a chance to adhere, massage side to side and up and down to fully distribute glue evenly and make sure it’s completely adhered. By doing this step, you will advance the time your nails should last as well as keeping any water from getting under the press in nail. Enjoy your nails immediately.  
    • If using sticker glue dots, soak nails in warm water and pull nails off, and wipe excess glue off.
    • If using Nail Glue - Try using the nail glue remover provided in your kit. Nail Glue Remover by Betty Cora is the best and we have included this in every kit. Simply pour a little around all the edges of your nail and on the pointed side of your cuticle sick. Use the edge of the cuticle stick to slide under the false nail and pop the nail off while the stick has removal solution on it, use additional glue remover as needed and watch as the nail lifts off. Once done you can then pour additional nail glue remover on the nail again and use the extra nail prep pad to wipe off any excess glue. Then file and buff your natural nails to smooth and shine.

    Do press-on nails damage your nails?

    As long as you follow the proper application and removal techniques detailed above, press-on nails shouldn’t damage your nails.

    We also like to suggest giving your nails a break for at least a day or two before re-applying a new set. It’s a good idea to give your natural nails some time to breathe.

    Please use with caution and follow all recommended steps.
    •  Please be sure to keep glue on your nails only, do not get it on your skin, and please keep it away from eyes. Glue dries very fast and you do not want it to attach to skin or eyes.
    • Please stop using immediately, if you have any allergic reaction.
    • When using false nails, fully follow the steps provided, always prep with alcohol prep pad to clean nails, and be sure to fully adhere. If water gets under the press-on nails, due to not enough adhesive, you may want to remove immediately to protect your nails from any fungus that can for due to water. Always monitor how they are holding up. When monitored and correctly applied, your nails should last between 7 and 10 days.
    • And please be sure to place something under your work area to protect furniture or counter spaces from getting glue on surfaces - glue will dry fast.

    Please Note:

    I Dream of Beauty is not responsible for any allergic reaction, glue spills, or improper use that causes damage to nails. We have fully made you aware of the risks with press-on nails and with that said if you follow all directions- you will love having a manicure in minutes without any issues. 

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