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I Dream of Beauty

Heart Shaped Mirror

Heart Shaped Mirror

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Heart Shaped Mirror

An adorable heart shaped mirror that can be Personalized or sold with a No Design Option.

Touch up your makeup or add a touch of lipstick or lip gloss any time with this adorable heart shaped mirror that is compact for on-the-go and the perfect size to fit in your purse or cosmetic bag. It’s not only cute, it’s a much needed tool that you can use for any on-the-go mirror needs.

Simply pull the mirror out of it’s adorable heart shaped pouch using the pull tab at the top of the mirror and remove mirror from the adorable outer casing and use, return it back to its casing when done for safely storing.

Available in Pink or Silver
If you need it in red, I can get red as well, simply message me and I will let you know the processing time to get this in red.



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