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Hair Tinsel Extensions (Individual Color Pack)

Hair Tinsel Extensions (Individual Color Pack)

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Hair Tinsel Extensions Individual Color Pack Options (16 Colors To Choose From)

Hair Tinsel Extensions in an individual color pack without application tools or hair accessories. 

***Please Note: This is individual hair tinsel color options only, no application tools included and no attachment accessories.

This is the perfect option for those looking for their favorite specific hair
tinsel color for DIYing specific hair color accessories. Add to a hair clip, or hair band, or tie directly into the hair. A perfect color for a fabulous themed party or even just because. A way to grab your individual color, rather than a full kit.

If you need tools, please see our full Hair Tinsel Extension Kits that come with all 16 colors and a variety of tools.

Hair Tinsel is a fun way to add some color and sparkle to your hair. DIY at it's best!

What it is:

Choose a hair extension tinsel color. Comes with one pack of approximately 200 to 220 strands of tinsel in a color of your choice. Does not come with application tools  - this is the hair tinsel only. If you would like a small bundle of mini color hair bands to tie your tinsel onto and apply with this method, please note that in your order at check out and we will be happy to include these for free. This is a perfect method for adding some tinsel to your hair for the day or for your little ones to add some sparkle and shine.

Our Tinsel is Heat Resistant Tinsel -  Up to 200 degrees. Can be stretched to tie. Can be washed, blow dried, flat ironed, brushed and combed. Adjust the length by simply cutting length with scissors to create the perfect length for your own hair.

Made with premium polyester fiber. 

Safe, heat resistant and will not fade.

Different Hair Tinsel Methods:

With Hair Beads: In order to use hair tinsel as a long lasting method , you would need silicone hair beads, a crochet needle, a threader, and pliers to add hair tinsel as a long lasting option for your hair. See our full kit options.

Hair Bands: In order to add tinsel for a short term use, try using mini disposable hair bands and tie the tinsel directly onto the rubber band and place hair band in hair - use a couple strands of tinsel or more. Makes a great option for a day wear use or for little ones. 



    Easy to apply and makes a perfect party idea - use to add color for a costume, or birthday party, or simply just to add some fun and exciting color to your natural hair.

    How to use:

    If Using Tinsel With Silicone Beads - Try This Method (Long Term Method):

    1. Add a silicone bead onto your crochet tool (slide it all the way down) 
    2. Take your tinsel and hook the tinsel with the tip of your crochet tool 
    3. Then slide the bead onto the tinsel. Leaving a loop towards the top.
    4. Tie the tinsel onto the bead using the loop 
    5. Slide the bead with tinsel down the crochet tool
    6. Take a small piece of your natural hair (close to the root, but not on the root line) by using the hook of the crochet tool and pull the hair thru the bead
    7. Take the pliers and clamp down on the silicon bead with pliers to lock tinsel into position 

    You can wear it as long as you want and when you are ready to remove use the pliers to loosen bead and remove.

    If Using Tinsel With Colorful Rubber Bands Try This Method (Short Term Use):

    1. Tie tinsel onto the rubber band 
    2. Then use the rubber band to rubber band into the hair in small sections

    This will not last as long as beads but is a quick easy method to give you sparkle and shine for the day.

    Lastly - You Can Tie Tinsel Directly Into Hair - Try This Method for (Short Term Use):

    1. You can take the tinsel and tie it directly in hair
    2. Place the tinsel close to the root and tie the tinsel directly on hair. This is not our recommended option of choice, but some people do like this for a quick method. 


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