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Individual False Eyelashes - Multi-Pack

Individual False Eyelashes - Multi-Pack

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Individual False Eyelashes - Multi-Pack

This amazing set of our Individual lashes are packed with many single faux mink lashes in various sizes, so you can customize your look. A great way to mix and match your eyelash look.

Use with a lash glue adhesive to adhere lashes to your lash line.

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan
  • Paraben-Free
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Eco-friendly packaging

How to Use:
Multiple ways to apply lashes:

*Use a lash adhesive directly on the false lash line by dabbing the edge of your individual false lash onto the edge of the applicator brush of the adhesive or brushing the adhesive close to the line of the false lashes and apply directly in place.
*Apply adhesive as a liner close to the lash line.
*You can also use a mascara adhesive and apply to the full lash then seal.

Apply lashes when adhesive feels tacky and sticky to your natural lash line starting with the outer edge - using an applicator tweezer tool and hold for a few seconds. Clamp down onto your false lashes with your natural lashes together to fully secure. If you do not have a tool, you can squeeze false lashes with natural lashes using fingers. Repeat along your full lash line and enjoy beautiful long lashes immediately.

How to Remove:
Use an oil-based makeup remover to loosen false lashes. Never pull lashes off when adhesive has not been washed and loosened from lashes. Try our lash wash with a lash wash brush as it works to loosen lashes and remove left over adhesive and makeup. Do not get soap directly in eye.


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